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Treatment of domestic hot water (DHW)

The DHW treatment by the DESCALER units depends on the heating technique. With respect to variable demand for hot water it is recommended for inlet water treatment to use the series of units DESCALER PS. If water demand changes periodically within 24 or 168 hours (day or week) it is possible to use the series of units DESCALER PS T in combination with a suitable switch clock (optional accessory). When treating water of up to 90°C and hardness over 20°N, it is recommended to use a plastic insert in the place of coil installation - a DESCALER...KZ, KP (Descaler KZ, KP - plastic pipe with threads or flanges (KP) and wrapped coil). In case the DHW outlet does not have a storage tank for DHW or it does not have a desludging unit it is recommended to install an desludging filter or centrifugal separator at the outlet. In case of using flow heaters it is necessary to connect the circulation inlet to the heater water inlet in order to maintain some minimum flow through flow heaters when the demand for DHW is zero. In such cases it is recommended to use higher capacity circulation pumps in the circulation circuit. In case the existing system does not enable to increase the flow in the circulation piping it is necessary to place an additional circulation pump to the system (the broken line in Figure 5), that will be put in operation in case the demand for DHW falls under a preset value. This solution will provide a permanent flow through the heater and will avoid depositing of muddy sludge in the heater, and will move sludge to the places where we expect it - DHW tank or separator. In case of multi-stage heating it is convenient to regulate heating at individual stages evenly to avoid the so-called thermal shocks of heated water due to excessive heating at one stage - this is especially critical at the flow heating stage.

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