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Water treatment in hot water heating systems

in family houses

The manufacturers of the individual components that form hot water heating systems specify operational parameters for equipment (boilers, heat exchangers, etc.), especially, concerning the water content (pH, hardness, alkalinity, chlorides...). In most cases the requirements can be met only by chemical water treatment. However, under some conditions it is possible to reach very good results (hard incrustations on heat-exchanging surfaces do not form, defectless operation of regulation equipment...) also exclusively by employing physical water treatment or its combination with chemical water treatment - the so-called additional water treatment. For successful application of physical water treatment in hot water heating it is necessary that the loss of circulation water is negligible or zero, i.e. the circulation water does not change in the system for a long time (over a year). It is common practice for plumbers to fill a new hot water heating system after completion with water that is available, i.e. untreated water. In most cases, in a short time, the regulation equipment will be jammed or will function incorrectly or even get damaged. Unless the water is extremely hard, in all cases after installing DESCALER physical treatment units the above problems will be resolved. For this reason economical equipment with two outlets is popular in practice (one outlet for cold water treating, especially, the main water supply, and the other outlet for treatment of circulation water in the hot water heating system), and several plumbing companies install it to newly built systems.
Hot water heating is a closed system mostly with forced circulation. According to general recommendations, locate a water treatment unit on the return piping prior to the boiler inlet. Due to the fact that small-capacity boilers are not equipped with a desludging unit and with respect to the fact that the system is closed, it is recommended to insert an element to the system in which the released incrustations will sediment. Such equipment may include various filters that are mostly installed in all heating systems but the disassembly of the filter components is required for its maintenance. In case the system does not have a filtration or sedimentation element, it is recommended to insert to the system e.g. some desludging filter or centrifugal separator. In order to avoid unwanted sedimentation of released incrustations e.g. in the boiler, it is good if the circulation water velocity is higher. Therefore, if possible, it is recommended that higher capacity circulation pumps are installed.
In case the system is older and with accumulated incrustations it is necessary to place a separator at the point of the boiler inlet in order to gradually reduce incrustations as well as occurrence of separated larger fragments of incrustations by the treated water. It is important, especially, for modern boilers with small water volume and thin piping in which released softened incrustations can jam and harden on the hot surface.

Water treatment in hot water heating systems in family houses
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