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General principles

When considering water treatment using DESCALER equipment you should keep in mind several general principles that altogether apply to various systems:

  • For the treatment process also employed by DESCALER units it is more convenient if the particle velocity of treated water is higher at the point of treatment, i.e. it is suitable to reduce the pipe diameter at the point of treatment if possible.
  • It is important to treat water when it is cold or prior to heating. For this reason the point of water treatment should be located before the point of water heating.
  • Owing to certain degradation of the positive water treatment effect due to mechanical shocks and turbulence, the point of water treatment should be located behind a pump, separator or flow meter, and as close to the point of heating as possible.
  • Do not forget that the effect of this method of water treatment is temporary only - the treated water retains its properties for the period of 72 hours (depending on the chemical composition of water, on the system and its individual components, pressure, etc.).
  • Note that the DESCALER water treatment reduces creation of incrustations in amorphous form (incrustations are not solid but muddy or slimy), however, the incrustations form after heating, especially, in the places where the particle velocity is low or close to zero. Therefore, it is necessary to equip the devises, in which muddy incrustations settle, with an efficient desludging unit (boilers, heat-exchanges, accumulation heaters, storage tanks, etc.). Unless the system (especially, closed systems) is equipped with a desludging unit, it is necessary to include such equipment into the system (e.g. a centrifugal separator or desludging filter).
    With respect to the occurrence of muddy incrustations it is necessary to insert pumps in the flow direction behind the centrifugal separator or a suitable desludging filter to avoid the risk of damage.
  • When treating water of up to 90°C and hardness over 20°N, it is recommended to use a plastic insert in the place of coil installation - a DESCALER...KZ, KP (Descaler KZ, KP - plastic pipe with threads or flanges (KP) and wrapped coil).
  • The piping at the point of treatment should be completely filled with water. If any air is sucked in or if the water has gasses it is recommended that degassers are used before the treatment.
  • In the systems where the volume of refilling water is lower than twice the value of the total water volume in the system, e.g. in the domestic hot water systems, the treatment of circulation water is also recommended. The systems that use the treated water must be designed so that their piping and equipment enables desludging and flushing of the system.

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