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Electronic Descaler Pro Series Electronic Descaler Pro Series

The DESCALER PS models protect technology systems against waterscale formation. The DESCALER can be installed on all types of pipes (steel, copper, plastic). When treating water of up to 90°C and hardness over 20°dH, in order to increase the effects of treatment it is recommended to use a plastic insert in the place of coil installation. The pipe diameter is a crucial parameter for choosing the right model of device. All devices are with external mains adapter.

Pipe I.D.
[inch (mm)]
[W x H x D]
DESCALER PS 50 2" (50) 0.20 - 21.00 211 x 128 x 92
DESCALER PS 100 4" (100) 0.80 - 85.00 211 x 128 x 92
DESCALER PS 200 8" (200) 2.30 - 250.00 211 x 128 x 92
DESCALER PS 300 12" (300) 4.00 - 400.00 211 x 128 x 92

Technical specifications:
Power supply Mains adapter 230 V AC / 12 V DC 100 mA, stabilised
Alarm when out of order Audible warning signal
Capable of driving 2 coils in series
Enclosure material Uninflammable ABS, light grey
Maximum enclosure temperature 167°F, 75°C
Minimum enclosure temperature -22°F, -30°C
Signal intensity control Four level switch
Status LED indicator Red light - run
Red blinking - failure, disconnected coil circuit
Signal Complex triangular frequency and amplitude modulated signal

  • hotels, bars, restaurants, sauna
  • laundries, buildings, bakeries
  • protecting cooling towers, boilers, heat exchangers, chillers
  • commercial swimming pools
  • factories
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tax and shipping

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