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Electronic Descaler MINI

The DESCALER MINI with external mains adapter is intended for protection of one appliance with incoming pipe up to 1/2". DESCALER MINI can be installed directly to the supply pipe of a household appliance such as a washing machine, dishwasher, instantaneous water heater, boiler, humidifier, or in the heating circuit etc. The apparatus can be installed to a steel, cupper, plastic or rubber hot or cold water supply pipe. The enclosure is made of ABS plastic with protection rate IP54 (Splash proof).

Pipe I.D.
[inch (mm)]
[W x H x D]
DESCALER MINI 1/2" (15) 0.15 - 1.00 80 x 57 x 25

Technical specifications:
Power supply Mains adapter 230 V AC / 12 V DC 100 mA, stabilised
Power input Less than 2W
Capable of driving 2 coils in series
Enclosure material Uninflammable ABS, light grey
Maximum enclosure temperature 167°F, 75°C
Minimum enclosure temperature -22°F, -30°C
Status LED indicator Red light - run
Signal Squarewave swept output signal with variable frequencies

  • appartments
  • residential buildings, weekend houses
  • gastronomy
  • protection of smaller technology units and process equipment
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