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Descaler is a water softener that inhibit a formation of water scale in pipes and desintegrate old limescale deposits.


  1. Inhibit a formation of water scale in pipes and apparatuses.
  2. Disintegrate old limescale deposits.
  3. Prevent to decreasing of heat exchange efficiency due the limescale formation, optimize energy costs.
  4. Constrain an inner surface corrosion of ferrous parts.
  5. Minimize maintenance expenses and increase the service life of pipe-lines and appliances, retrench the down time costs.
  6. Decrease a consumption of detergents and agents for chemical softening of water.
Our softener is useful for inhibition of water scale and prevent to decresing of heat exchange efficiency due the limescale formation.


  1. Easy installation without participation of pipers and electricians.
  2. Equipment selectivity for industrial and home applications.
  3. Minimization of flow cross section and head loss.
  4. Unchanged chemical composition and constant calcium content of treated water.
  5. Environmental friendly operation without using any chemicals.
  6. Long service life without any maintenance work.
  7. Low power consumption, minimal costs of operation.
  8. Fast return of investment.
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