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The installation of DESCALER descaling unit can be installed on horizontal as well as vertical piping. The box of the unit can be installed in two ways:
1. Onto the pipe (Figure 1) Fix the box of the unit onto the pipe with two plastic tightening bands that will be inserted through the rear of the unit.
2. Onto the wall near the pipe (Figure 2) Drill a hole of a diameter of 6 mm in the wall, put a wall plug into the hole and drive a screw in so that its head will come out of the wall approximately 5 mm. There is an opening on the rear cover of the DESCALER unit; put the opening on the screw head and slide the box down.

Installation of the coil
The next step after fixing the box is to make a coil. Plug a banana pin into one of the output connectors. Tightly attach the wire to the pipe with the plastic tightening band. Wrap the wire 11 times around the pipe, each loop very close to another. Tightly fix the end of the coil with the band. Plug the banana pin at the end of the wire into the other output connector. If possible, shorten the length of the wire: Unscrew the plastic cover of the banana pin, loosen the worm and pull out the wire. Shorten the wire as needed, remove the isolation at its end (approximately 7 mm), insert the wire back into the banana pin and tighten the worm. Finally, screw the plastic cover onto the banana pin. Do not twist the wires. In case of very hard water (over 300 ppm) we recommend installation of the coil on plastic pipe or winding two coils - 11 turns each (fig. 2) for steel pipe (distance between the coils - 15 cm).

The distance between the ends of the coil and the bends, valves, etc. must be minimum three times the outer diameter of the pipe in order to avoid unwanted water turbulence in the place of the coil. The direction of the winding is not important. The unit is powered by 12 V= direct regulated current from the power adapter. Connect the power supply to the unit and plug the adapter into an electrical socket. The green light indicates the proper functioning. The red light is blinking when the coil circuit is interrupted, e.g. after the banana pin unplugged. It is necessary to put the adapter in the place with no danger of spattering water. In case there is the possibility of spattering water, it is necessary to place the adapter into the case IP 54.

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